I teach you how to accelerate the potential for self-healing, you will learn to access this potential from the first microscopic session of your living blood!

The information obtained through the session with live blood analysis goes much deeper, when the cell morphology and the biological terrain are evaluated, and the entire extracellular matrix that feeds and cleans the cells. Where is found all the dirt that accumulated in the body. All symptoms originate from an altered biological terrain.

To improve your body, improve your terrain.

With knowledge of everything that is ingrained in the body causing discomfort and pain, which are wisely associated with emotional and behavioral habits. You’ll leave the appointment getting to know yourself better, and with the information you need to increase your level of health.

For women and men who wish to increase health and well-being, through information on blood health, which involves the health of the body, and who are ready to put into practice changes in habits and self-care behaviors for at least 1 year, starting from the first session.

In other words, it is for people who are determined to take care of themselves, and no longer expect solutions that depend on other people or situations.

Who want to achieve integral health. In a personalized way and with an exclusive approach, I guide and guide you to be better with yourself and put into practice the changes in habits necessary to stay on the path of self-healing.

For people who need immediate results, and/or have an urgent health condition, such as a serious illness that requires medical interventions.

For people who are not determined to be healthier and take care of themselves.


We start with the macroscopic observation, in which I perceive in the first minutes the process of emotional "nakedness", which makes people vulnerable in the sense of being themselves, even in this holistic and perceptive approach, I usually add, something positive that I simply see. I take great pleasure in showing people a better view they can have of themselves.


As we continue with this moment of discovery, we begin the analysis of the live blood, in which we have confirmations, and additions, of what we covered in the first few minutes of the session.


In the third moment, we have the complete information to plan the next step, which should be put into practice after the session.

How it works:

Time of the first consultation (40 min to 1 hour).

Initial conversation about health and life history.

A drop of blood is taken from the finger and projected onto the microscope, based on the microscopic images it is explained everything about the behavior of the blood cells and the biological terrain (internal environment), which determines the effects related to chemical exposures, environmental exposures, food intake, as well as behaviors and how they can reflect directly on the living blood.

In this way, we better understand how to treat (the dysfunctions of today), making it possible to prevent the development of these dysfunctions.

After the evaluation, guidelines are given based on the analysis of each person’s blood and life history.
The guidelines are based on improving the diet according to the digestive process shown in the live blood, and a direction to develop healthy habits.

Check the availability in the diary for the place where you live, and make your appointment!

Value: $360

The Blood Health consultancy with live blood analysis has a holistic approach in which it evaluates the human being in a comprehensive way, understanding all its physical, mental, and emotional aspects in an interconnected way, and not separately.

The method can help in several issues, aiming to activate the self-healing process in each person, through cellular balance.

How it works:

The client begins his service in a consultation at the basic level for a Living Blood evaluation session.

The 90-day program, with a three-layer shelf life:

3 sessions with live blood analysis, three online reinforcement and follow-up sessions

The three-month consultation has a limit of people to be served, for this reason, we suggest that you schedule your initial consultation to assess if you are able to be part of the 90-day program.

Value: $1800