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Cantron Liquid 8 FL OZ

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An amazing Bio-electrical Wellness Formulation that has been manufactured
and distributed in the United States since 1984, Cantron® has developed a
fabulous reputation throughout its 37 year history. It provides astonishing
health benefits like no other substance on Earth. It is the world’s most potent
scavenger of health damaging free radicals, and the resultant damaged
proteins which accumulate in the blood, tissues, organs and joints; all of which
are known to be responsible for serious health conditions.
Cantron is composed of a proprietary blend of phenolic organic compounds
from the flavonoid family. These nutritional compounds exist in plant foods,
herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and are a valuable part of a sound nutritional
wellness program. These compounds are natural electrolytes which help
balance body chemistry, the body’s electrical system and support healthy cell
functioning. The human body is an electrical machine. In fact, every cell in the
body is electrical. If the bio-electrical system is out of balance, ‘Wellness’
cannot exist.

Cellular respiration is a chemical reaction in the cell which involves oxygen
and produces energy. If the balance of the cellular respiration system is
negatively affected through any combination of stress or nutritional deficiency
factors, cells do not function properly and cellular damage results. The many
electrolyte ingredients in Cantron nurture cells and help to support a normal,
healthy energy production system within the cell.
Experience for yourself why thousands of users claim dramatic improvement
to their health condition and why this Amazing Antioxidant Wellness
Formulation is rapidly becoming popular all over the world as grateful
benefactors joyfully spread the news about its natural healing properties.
Product Benefits: Wellness, Antioxidant Protection, Normal Cell Funtion
Support, Immune Support, Viral Defense, Mild Detoxification., Anti-Rheumatic,
Anti-Aging, and Anti-Cancer Properties.


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