Transform your life with a drop of blood!

This is the new proposal for your health! Because we know how important it is to maintain your body’s health, we have an opportunity that will get you closer to your goal.

Why you should take care of your blood ?

Blood is the main vehicle for internal circulation in the human body. It is a fluid connective tissue essential for transporting nutrients, oxygen, gases and waste, defending the body against infections and other threats, and homeostatic regulation of pH, temperature and other internal conditions.
Among the important functions of the blood, we can highlight the importance of the nutritional part for the proper functioning of the body.

Blood is our body’s delivery service, it delivers sugars, oxygen, vitamins and various minerals, fats, amino acids, or hormones.

Blood supplies cells with everything they need, but when there is toxicity present in the body, this “delivery service” is impaired.
How does this happen..

Blood is responsible for transporting nutrients from our body, and due to this function, cells are fed daily by nutrients ingested through food.

But when there are deposits of undigested metabolic waste in the body, good nutrition is not enough, because the level of toxins from excess accumulated waste prevents the body from absorbing nutrients through food.

This generates deficiencies in the short and long term, which affects the body in all aspects, making room for the development and expansion of factors favorable to cell deterioration and, over time, cell renewal occurs in a deficient way, mainly affecting the organs. filters and elimination, such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and skin.

Blood shows exactly what is being delivered to the body in addition to nutrients, this is the key point for our health to be 100%. Having knowledge of what the blood is carrying to the tissues and organs is essential to clearly understand the real state of health, because when the blood delivers metabolic waste in excess, inevitably at some point a healthy body can become sick very quickly. .

But the good news is that you can have the necessary knowledge to increase your level of health, learning to identify what is behind your pain and/or discomfort.

Through the Live Blood Analysis it is possible to recover your power to have more health, because we were able to detect during the blood analysis, the necessary information to help your body to get stronger.

what does your blood have to reveal ?

You may have heard me say that a drop of blood can reveal many things about your body. Including things you can’t even imagine.

A simple drop of blood can show information about your body, which traditional tests have not detected, because the dysfunction is in the apathogenic stage, that is, the state that is not considered a pathology or a disease, but is a state that requires ATTENTION and treatment before it develops into a chronic illness.

With a single drop of blood, the Live Blood Analysis (LBA) is performed, the assessment shows you how your health really is and based on that, an action plan is drawn up for you to develop a healthy body.

BAL is a live assessment, performed with a microscope, which allows observing deviations from “normal” morphology in relation to the size, type, shape, color and activity of blood cells and correlating with biochemical imbalances, diseases and health status. Changes in blood quality allow identification of toxicity, chemicals, developing microorganisms and physiological functions.

Live blood analysis provides early detection of serious health imbalances and provides a pictorial view of the impacts of diet, radiation, emotions and chemicals.
This assessment method is used to recognize dysfunctions in the biological realm and progressions towards improvement or degeneration.

With information based on your blood, it is possible to prevent and to treat diseases that can start with signs and symptoms, up to chronic disease:

Signs and symptoms:


Fall, breakage, little growth, baldness and early gray hair


Weak and brittle


Rough, dull, excessive or missing sweating and skin spots/rash.


Problems with being overweight, slow digestion, frequent constipation or diarrhea


Frequent irritability, aggression, and mood swings


Muscle, joint and inflammatory

Knowing at the base what is affecting your body and your health, you have the opportunity to take care of the body, correcting the causes of dysfunctions, because the disease, the signs and symptoms are effects of a body with an imbalance in the biological field. And so it is possible to strengthen the body to increase the level of health in the short and long term.

The benefits of having a live blood test

“The greatest benefit of live blood analysis is to turn your weaknesses into strengths.”

Through the knowledge that blood reveals when analyzed microscopically. Information such as detoxification functions, immune system reactions and metabolism behavior are factors that, when identified under the light of a microscope, bring clarity to the main points of vulnerability of the human body, making it possible to correct the dysfunction from the root of the problem. and thus treat the body as a whole. With this, analyze factors that may be causing future illnesses and take corrective actions to increase the level of health.

How does live blood analysis work?

This analysis is recommended both for the person who feels that their health can improve, as well as for those who know that everything is fine but would like to keep it that way.

With just one drop of blood, living blood cells are observed in variations in size, shape, and fine structure, both red blood cells and white blood cells, platelets, and other blood structures.

With the result of the live blood assessment, an appropriate therapeutic plan and lifestyle/dietary interventions can be formulated, and in addition the effectiveness of various combinations of treatments can be tested and progress can be monitored by observing changes across the live blood analysis.


A drop of blood is collected from the finger and projected onto a high power microscope, showing how the body is inside.


Based on the information from the blood analysis and your life history, you receive the necessary therapeutic indications.


Practice is what you will do in your day to day based on your blood assessment,

The analysis of live blood is distinguished by the information obtained at the microscopic level, which means having the opportunity to look at a live image, and impossible to see with the naked eye, observe blood components in increased sizes, compared to the size of a grape, and based on this information, it is possible to correct biological dysfunctions.

Why is a microscope needed?

Because only with the aid of the microscope can we observe objects that are not perceptible to the naked eye, and with that a simple drop of blood can be enlarged and seen under the microscope, everything that may be affecting the real state of health of a person.

What my patients say about live blood

Published articles

Testimonials and Reports



What my patients say about live blood

Published articles

Testimonials and Reports



About me

Who am I?

I am the one who dedicates time to finding conscious solutions to support people in health and well-being, the greatest motivation to carry out my great health mission, is anchored in the purpose of my heart to contribute to the self-healing of others.

The results in the lives of all the people I had the honor of guiding in their prevention and recovery processes are based on an approach of respect and empathy, which makes my practice of observing at a microscopic level what happens in the human body, an innovative and unique method, which aims to raise awareness in people about how to learn to take care of their own body.

Briefly, I teach how to reach a higher level of health, showing the information at the cellular level that all people should know about their state of health, through their own blood.

My mission

Bring knowledge to more people around the world, who want to awaken to a higher level of awareness about the real state of health and the importance of self-care.

How has it been…

Working with LBA for several years, I have seen an improvement in several health conditions that could develop into something more serious, but which are prevented through self-care. The improvement that people experience through body awareness at the cellular level is a unique experience.
In my biotherapeutic practice I see it as an opportunity to be able to help people to strengthen themselves in a loving and gentle way, showing the self-healing power that every human being has within themselves, it is stimulating and encouraging for me to remain firm in my purpose.

Vanessa Moreira is a trained Biomedical Specialist, specializing in Clinical Analysis. She developed in the area of integrative medicine acting as a Holistic Biotherapist and Live Blood Analysis (LBA) Analyst. She specializes in macroscopically and microscopically analyzing the being as a whole, with the aim of directing people to develop a healthy life in the long term.


Vanessa Moreira, certificate in Live Cell Morphology – Creative Health For Life and ABSA/USA, CANADA & certificate the State of California, Nursing Assistant Tranning Program.

She is dedicated to extensive studies in the field of nutrition with certifications in the Metabolic Balance-Creative Health For Life & Nutritional Medicine program – Dr Lair Ribeiro-Grupo Tune.

Other certifications in integrative therapies such as Ozone Therapy – ABOZ & Oligotherapy.

In the area of human development and emotional intelligence, she graduated from all Insight Seminars Inc, participated in training from Tranning The Trainer – Success Resources, graduated as a Life Coach & Master Coaching – SBC. She has higher education at undergraduate level as a Biomedical, specializing in Clinical Analysis, by the Brazilian Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (IBMR).

Taking care of the blood and unblocking the flow of a full and healthy life. This is the key to transformation!

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Anyone! of all genders and of all ages, even children

It is not possible to do the analysis of live blood from a distance, because it is necessary to analyze the blood immediately, for this reason it is called Sangue Vivo, because the blood is literally alive, while being observed under the microscope.

On the contrary. The main recommendation is for people who want to increase their health, even in the absence of signs and symptoms.

No. Because the analysis has to be done immediately after taking the blood sample.

The result is delivered during the microscopic evaluation of live blood.

Yes. We often discover some dysfunctions in progress in people who consider themselves healthy, but already have dysfunctions in the blood that can be corrected more easily when they are discovered in the non-pathological state.

Analysis of live blood shows stages in microbiological development that indicate warning signs in the development of cancer.

It depends on the condition of the blood, and the type of detox. Because by cell biology, quick and miraculous results are incompatible with the human cell cycle.

It does not replace, as the evaluation of live blood and the laboratory blood test show different information, which does not mean that one excludes the other, but that both are integrated.

  • Can only be done in adults
  • It only shows diseases that you can develop in the short term
  • Needs multiple tubes of blood
  • Is able to predict possible diseases in your future
  • Helps you understand what your body lacks or exceeds
  • Can be done at any stage of life

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Important Information: Nothing on this site should be construed as medical advice. Seek the services of your physician for medical advice. We do not endorse any of the products or services mentioned on this site as a medical treatment or diagnosis. If you need medical advice, consult your doctor. By accessing and using the services on the page, you agree to the Terms of Service and its provisions.


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