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Why you should take care of your blood ?

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Anyone! of all genders and of all ages, even children

It is not possible to do the analysis of live blood from a distance, because it is necessary to analyze the blood immediately, for this reason it is called Sangue Vivo, because the blood is literally alive, while being observed under the microscope.

On the contrary. The main recommendation is for people who want to increase their health, even in the absence of signs and symptoms.

No. Because the analysis has to be done immediately after taking the blood sample.

The result is delivered during the microscopic evaluation of live blood.

Yes. We often discover some dysfunctions in progress in people who consider themselves healthy, but already have dysfunctions in the blood that can be corrected more easily when they are discovered in the non-pathological state.

Analysis of live blood shows stages in microbiological development that indicate warning signs in the development of cancer.

It depends on the condition of the blood, and the type of detox. Because by cell biology, quick and miraculous results are incompatible with the human cell cycle.

It does not replace, as the evaluation of live blood and the laboratory blood test show different information, which does not mean that one excludes the other, but that both are integrated.

  • Can only be done in adults
  • It only shows diseases that you can develop in the short term
  • Needs multiple tubes of blood
  • Is able to predict possible diseases in your future
  • Helps you understand what your body lacks or exceeds
  • Can be done at any stage of life
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