Why you should take care of your blood ?

Blood is the main vehicle for internal circulation in the human body.

Blood is responsible for transporting nutrients from our body and, due to this function, cells are fed daily by nutrients ingested through food.

But when there are deposits of undigested metabolic waste in the body, good nutrition is not enough, because the level of toxins from excess accumulated waste prevents the body from absorbing nutrients through food.

This generates deficiencies in the short and long term, which affects the organism in all aspects, opening space for the development and expansion of factors favorable to cellular deterioration and, over time, cell renewal occurs in a deficient way, mainly affecting the organs. filters and elimination, such as liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and skin.

Step 1

In 1 drop of blood.

Step 2

I see how your cells and your biological terrain are.

Step 3

We see together what is circulating in your body

Step 4

I identify residual changes before a diagnosis.

Step 5

I suggest corrective actions..

Step 6

You are able to improve your health and well-being.

Blood shows exactly what is being delivered to the body in addition to nutrients, this is the key point for our health to be 100%. Having knowledge of what the blood carries to the tissues and organs is essential to clearly understand the real state of health.

Through Live Blood Analysis it is possible to regain the power to have more health, as we are able to detect during the blood analysis, the information necessary to help your body become stronger.


What does your blood have to reveal ?

You may have heard me say that a drop of blood can reveal many things about your body. Including things you can’t even imagine.
A simple drop of blood can show information about your body, which traditional exams did not detect, as  living blood shows information in the apathogenic stage, that is, the state that is not considered a pathology or disease, but is a state that requires ATTENTION and self care.

Healthy normal blood

The circles are red blood cells (RBCS or erythrocytes). It has a consistent round shape without much variation and doesn’t clump or stick together.

Unhealthy blood - Cells clustering

Red blood cells look like a pile of coins. Due to misune of nutrients and dehydration. The transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide. The capacity of the red blood cells is diminished due to a lack of available surface area of the cells.

LBA is a live assessment, carried out with a microscope, which allows the observation of deviations from “normal” morphology in relation to the size, type, shape, color and activity of blood cells. Changes in blood quality allow the identification of toxicity, chemicals, developing microorganisms and physiological functions.

Live blood analysis provides early detection of  health imbalances and provides a pictorial view of the impacts of diet, radiation, emotions and chemicals.

Signs and symptoms:​


Fall, breakage, little growth, baldness and early gray hair


Weak and brittle


Rough, dull, excessive or missing sweating and skin spots/rash.


Problems with being overweight, slow digestion, frequent constipation or diarrhea


Frequent irritability, aggression, and mood swings


Muscle, joint and inflammatory

Knowing in essence what is affecting your body and your health, you have the opportunity to take care of your body, correcting dysfunctions, as signs and symptoms are the effects of a body with an imbalance in the biological field.

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